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Documentary Collections

The Eritrean Documentary Collection is already quite comprehensive and includes sections on: Agriculture, Atrocities, Culture, Customary law, History, the Armed struggle and our Post-independence experiences, Women, Language, Refugees, POW’s, Health, the Economy, Education, etc.  

The Ethiopia and Horn of Africa collection likewise comprises: Conflicts, Drought, History, Human rights, Foreign intervention, Politics, Refugees, Economy, Health, etc.  



Archival Collection

The Archival collection of the RDC includes records from the:
  • Italian colonial period 
  • British military period 
  • Ethiopian 'federal' period  
  • Ethiopian colonial period 
  • Armed Struggle
  • Referendum Commission
  • Constitutional Commission


  Periodical Collections

In total some 496 titles from the following periods are kept in RDC's growing collection.

  • Italian colonial period 
  • British military period 
  • Ethiopian 'federal' period  
  • Ethiopian colonial period 
  • Armed Struggle  
  • Post Independence period

Cartographic Collection  

There are geographical and political maps of Eritrea and  records of Ethiopian military operations.  The maps contain much unique and valuable information and are receiving high retention priority . There are also some architectural records and plans mainly of the capital, Asmara.  

Photographic Collection

 The Photographic Collection of the  RDC dates back to  the 1950s. The photographs are being  organized thematically, chronologically, and departmentally. The preparation of card catalogues is envisaged. Meantime, the Accession list serves as a search index. The photographic collection covers  the colonial and the armed struggle periods: and the topics include education, social life, health, military operations, factories, portraits of martyrs, women, Ethiopian atrocities, POW’s, etc.

 Audio-Visual Collection

The Audio Collection dates back to 1972, but the majority of the audio-cassettes, reel-to-reel, mini disks and gramophone recordings have been acquired since 1987. The subject matter which the RDC preserves includes: news reports, correspondence, interviews, radio programs, and music collections.

There is also a separate collection of cassettes that deal solely with atrocities perpetrated by the Ethiopian regime during the occupation and subsequent warfare. The cassettes are organized geographically according to the regions of Eritrea.

 The RDC houses all the EPLF’s radio programs, audio-cassettes and reels-to-reel collected between 1979-1991. The radio program reels have been recorded in several languages: Tigrinya, Arabic, Tigre, Kunama, Afar, English and Amharic.  

The radio broadcasts include: the EPLF ’s   radio program in Khartoum - Omdurman from 1977 – 1979; the ELF’s radio program in Khartoum - Omdurman from 1977-1980; the EPLF’s and ELF’s joint radio program from 1979-1980; and the TPLF’s radio programs from 1980-1985.  




 The video collection dates back to 1974 and contains  interviews,   news reports, documentary films, activities of Ethiopian POWs, victims of Ethiopian atrocities  and  life during the armed struggle, especially in the EPLF period.   


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